The Truffle

The Truffle 2016. is the most comprehensive restaurant guide for Croatia. Our critics have anonymously rated more than 200 restaurants taking in consideration the quality of food, interior design, ambiance and service. The Truffle is also the first multilingual restaurant guide for Croatia that ranks the restaurants in standards of leading international guides. And it is the only guide ranking top wineries of four Croatian wine regions. 

New edition of The Truffle coming 2017.

Our Writers

The Truffle 2016. is a project of a group of renowned Croatian restaurants critics and food writers. Each of our members has at least 15 years if experience in restaurants rating, in Croatia and internationally. And together they have published more than 15 books on food and wine. 


The Truffle rates only the restaurants that make locals passionate with their quality and creativity and are relevant for Croatian gastronomy. The rates range from 1 to 5. The lowest rate in category of food, ambiance or service is given for places that need much improvement, while the highest rate means that the restaurant is offering top quality in accordance to the global restaurants criteria.


The price values range from 5 to 1. At the restaurants rated 5 prices begin with 100 euro (110$) per person while the lowest value of 1 is given to restaurants where one person can eat for less than 15 euro (16 $).