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Rovinj / Tavern

  • 3 Food
  • 4 Decor
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Cost
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Kantinon is a tavern Rovinj needs. This fun place is situated in a former wine cellar, cantina. Hence the name. The concept is based on old traditional Rovinj dishes, served in a pitoresque ambience. They offer fishermen food such as fried fish, brodetto with polenta, molluscs, squid and cuttlefish as well as peasant food, like cuttlefish with peas, squid with barley and lamb stew. Thanks to its first manager, Kantinon still has a decent wine list with ten wines by the glass. The weakness of Kantinon is the same as with all taverns and restaurants owned by big hotel companies: its chef can’t buy fresh peas from a lady at nearby market. Instead, he has to  express his wishes in an Excel table and than deal with suppliers, cooler trucks, delivery deadlines…

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  • Outdoor seating
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What to order?

  • Sardines in savor
  • Cuttlefish ragu with barley
  • Octopus stew with peas
  • Cuttlefish tagliata