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If you haven’t tried dry veriosn of Bura, you don’t know much about Croatian wines, especially not about Mali Plavac. Bura-Mrgudić is one of the very best Croatian wineries. Owners Niko Bura and Mare Mrgudić Bura are siblings responsible for one the best Dingač wines ever produced in Croatia, as well as monstrously strong Postup, whose alcohol levels sometimes exceed 17 percent. Bura-Mrgudić winery produces minimal quantities, and sometimes releases semi-dry Buras, unfortunately.  They also make wine for the Benmosche label launched by the late American businessman Robert Benmosche. Fw good Zinfandels/Tribidrags of this label have appeared on the market.

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Bura Dingač


Mare Postup


Benmosche Zinfandel