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Iločki podrumi

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Iločki podrumi (Ilok Cellars) have the most international awards of all the wineries in Croatia. So much, that their catalogue of gold and silver medals, international trophies and local awards could be filled with dozens of pages in small print. Iločki podrumi own about 350 hectares of vineyards, including the sensational positions Principovac and Vetovo, and they buy grapes from at least 300 hectares.  Their most important product is Grasevina vinified in various categories, while the most famous is Traminac. One of Ilok Traminacs won 95 points and a platinum medal at one of Decanter’s world championships. Iločki podrumi oenologist Vera Zima is very respected in Croatian professional circles. 

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Velika berba


Grasevina Principovac


Traminac Principovac